It is obvious to me that Freddie salivated when his puerile mind perceived an opportunity based on my dual citizenship to continue his vendetta against me, using his stock full of diatribe, collection of malignant thoughts and excess hate that has poisoned his mind against certain Guyanese.

Dr. Kissoon’s column in Kaieteur News dated Tuesday, January 14, 2019 and captioned ” Only the Guyanese can produce a Nigel Hinds” illustrates clearly that with all the education and knowledge Kissoon has, his mind has not been nourished or informed to be honest, objective and logical.

Instead, he often uses his bigoted mind and daily column in Kaieteur New to cozy up to the wealthy, especially those in private business, operating like a blood sucking parasite seeking to gorge himself, using his daily columns in Kaieteur News as a platform for his vampire like attacks, witless accusations and ad hominem attacks.

It is most foolish of Freddie Kissoon to conclude that I, who have been referenced in many of his little minded stories, would be fearful of what he will release to the public. The canards within his rambling mind, from where he convinces himself that fiction are facts, and then seeks to vilify his targets into silence. Is it too much for his mental state that this Guyanese knows the difference between syntax and semantics?

Over a year ago Freddie threatened to release emails of my criticisms of the PPP. In his tortured mind, my speaking at PPP sponsored events is improper. It is for him only proper that I stay in the historic lane that has cursed this land of ours, since the 1950s. What he has released so far amounts to foul hot air and shows his partisan intention and lack of objectivity.

It seemed to me then that Freddie wanted to drive a wedge between the PPP and myself. As if the PPP are incapable of doing their own research and recognizing that I was a constant critic of their governance prior to the May 2015 elections. Why is it wrong for me to speak on matters of national importance in an impartial manner at any forum?

Freddie brought up several falsehoods in his recent fecal explorations published on January 14, 2020.

In his lumpen and scandalizing style, he sought to make my involvement in the review and report on the November 28, 2011 Elections Statement of Polls for the PNC a shocking issue. Even though at least one press conference was held, where the media were presented with extracts of the report findings and questions were taken from the press. It was not for me to release the report, as it was and is a PNC decision. The same foolishness extends to his asinine suggestions that I release the forensic audits reports. The forensic audit reports were submitted to the Ministry of Finance and some of the reports were posted on the Ministry of Finance website. My task was to conduct the audit and prepare the audit report for presentation to the Ministry of Finance, not to release the reports to the public.

Then in more of his diatribe, Freddie strains to link my resignation as Chairman of GWI to the dispute over a GWI resource on property owned by Queens Atlantic when they bought the Sanata Textile property. The passage of three years after my resignation has confirmed that my actions were in compliance with the terms of the Agreement of Sale and the law.

Freddie’s infantile obsession and malicious comments on former President Jagdeo and Dr. Bobby Ramroop are constantly seen in his columns, and now he sees it convenient to link sponsorship of Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation by the New GPC to my resignation from GWI. How low are you willing to go Dr. Kissoon in your ill-founded and vindictive pronouncements? Maybe neither former President Jagdeo or Dr. Ramroop were willing to be compromised by your pay for play shenanigans.

Digging deeper into his inventory of emails and documents, Freddie pulls out my “extolling the virtues of Jagdeo” on May 25, 2017. Suffice to say I stand by my statements. Let the facts and logic of my statements be tested. Use your daily column to publish my statements. When will you bring up my defense of Minister Harmon or that does not fit your narrative?

Freddie seems to slaver in his explicit focus on me, a non-presidential candidate for the scheduled March 2, 2020 elections, with his warped threats and blackmailer like pronouncements. There is a saying that if it barks like a dog, walks like a dog, looks like a dog, then it’s a dog.

We also have his irrational and presumptuous conclusion in another of his putrid forays in Kaieteur News published on December 23, 2019; quibbling that I will not pull votes from the middle class or the rural areas. What a revelation from his exalted mind. After all his years in politics as a political scientist, has Freddie not realized that it is the primary leader and leadership of the party, the collective party attributes, the image built of the party and the party’s structure that pulls the vote. Of course, his objective is not to be logical but instead to indulge in his partisan, divisive and ad hominin attacks on those not buttressing his ego or desires.

In his writings, Freddie uses a type of fearmongering technique by frequently claiming some special knowledge he has or knowledge that has been shared with him or information from reliable sources or some name he cannot call or he has seen documents that will upend some political or business figure. Always trying to portray himself as purveyor of justice and a straight shooter, yet constantly withholding information he purports to have, be it emails, recordings, documents or untellable tales.

Freddie is like the boy who keeps crying wolf, when he just seeks to deceive.

One only has to be aware of the wealthy businessmen in Guyana and you will recognize how Freddie toady’s up to them like a benefit seeking missile and too often uses his columns to write with venom and maliciousness against those who have rejected his pay for play journalism, while hiding behind the veneer of being an advocate for the poor.

Instead of using his brush with Philosophic teachings to spread a positive message, he has become the chief exponent of ad hominem attacks on a selected group that he cannot succor from and who are not fearful to respond to his petty and cowardly attacks.

“The greatest wealth is a poverty of desires”. This quote is from Seneca typifies my belief that giving is the greatest wealth. My wealth is not in monetary financial accumulation, but in helping and giving to Guyanese. I have never claimed to be financially wealthy, that would be ludicrous.

Will Freddie now release his vitriol and nastiness on others who are dual citizens such as Vishnu Bandhu, Lennox Shuman and Timothy Jonas or is it reserved for Hinds? I think not!


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