The Tabatinga Complex Ground in Lethem, Region 9 was rife with excitement last Saturday as contenders for the Junior Soca and Calypso song competitions delivered their individual pieces on stage.

The song competitions saw eight young people vying for the Junior Soca Monarch crown while nine vied for the Junior Calypso Monarch Crown.

18 year old Omaiah Hall was adjudged the 2020 Calypso Monarch with her song “Tell me How Come” which speaks to a number of trending social and political issues. Ms. Hall delivered a performance which wowed the judges and audience alike.
The young songbird was awarded 283 points out of a possible 300, followed by Rayshaun Whyte in second place with 272 points with her song “I Ain’t Ready for This” while third place went to Chisara James who scored 269 points for her song “Think Before You Act” and fourth place went to Akeem Alexander with his song “Wake Up” which got him 264 points.

During the second segment of the show, the young performers all delivered during their individual performances. Patrons were given a taste of the Mashramani vibe as competitors delivered with energy and showmanship for the Junior Soca Monarch title. In this category, Relon Sumner emerged supreme.

Sumner was crowned the new Junior Soca Monarch after a lively performance; he was awarded 251 points for the performance of his song “Celebrating”. In second place, Akeem Alexander scored 227 points with his song “Time Fuh Love” while Faith Corrica better known as “Lil Canary” came out with 221 points for her song “Bless Us Oh Father” and Jada Harry with 211 points for her song “The Greatest Party”.

The young monarchs will automatically transition into the Adult Calypso Monarch and Adult Soca Monarch competitions. Omaiah Hall expressed overwhelming joy after her win. She related that this is her first attempt to secure the Junior Calypso crown. As planned upon her entry into the competition, she delivered 110% but plans to bring 150% to the adult competition on February 9.
Hall, who will be voting for the first time this year, said that the lyrics of her song were inspired by what she considers critical questions that politicians should answer.

Meanwhile, a visually impaired Relon Sumner believes that his entry into the competition is proof that being differently-abled should not prevent persons from pursuing their dreams. He sees himself as a strong competitor in the Adult Soca Monarch song competition.

Residents and visitors of Lethem were also treated to bonus performances from a number of local artistes including Melissa Roberts aka Vanilla, Kady Kish, Nesta and Bunty Singh.
The adult competitors will first face-off in the 592 Soca Monarch semi-finals on February 8 at the Linden/Georgetown Municipal bus park in Region 10, followed by the Banks Calypso semi-finals in Bartica on February 9.

The finals will both be held in the upcoming Mashramani Village at D’Urban Park which will run from February 13-18 .The Senior Calypso and Soca crowns will be held on February 14 and 15 respectively. (Released from the Press Unit of the Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport)


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