Change Guyana’s Presidential Candidate, Robert Badal is calling for presidential debates ahead of the March 2 Regional and General Elections.

During a press conference moments ago at his hotel in Kingston, the businessman-turned-politician said that it is time politicians stop “preaching” and tell the electorate how they intend to deliver on their promises.  He made this call as he unveiled his party’s “abridged” manifesto.

“Now, with all these grand plans that they have, what about a debate? You’re making all these grand plans about reopening sugar estates and giving lands and increasing pension and lowering taxes…And you’re refusing to do a debate. Let’s sit and debate your policies. You can debate mine. Let’s debate those policies [and] not be preaching to people down in the countryside who are helpless, who you make poor, who you make destitute, who don’t have jobs – come and preach to us here! Let’s have that debate,” he said.

Badal’s call comes at a time when several sections of society are clamouring for such engagements among candidates. With less that 20 days remaining until the hosting of elections, Badal said that the time is now for such engagements which he believes will tremendously assist the electorate on where they should put their ‘x’.

Badal expressed his opinion that the electorate must not vote to “keep the other out”, but rather, vote based on policies and programmes. The presidential debates, he said, can serve as that vehicle. He also accused other candidates of engaging in trivial matters, and pointing fingers, rather than providing solutions to problems.


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