Deported convicted drug lord, Roger Khan was arrested earlier today and is currently being questioned after he caused someone to be assaulted at the Altitude bar in Kitty, Georgetown last night.

Divisional Commander, Edgar Thomas confirmed that Khan is in custody as his ranks continue to question him.

According to Thomas, Khan did not physically assault the individual but he allegedly caused the assault on the person. “He is being questioned for accessory to assault,” the commander said.

A police source on the other hand explained that Khan was with a group of men at the bar when he allegedly instructed one of his friends to “beat” another man, who he claimed said something about him.

Khan was deported from a US prison last year after spending 15 years for narcotics trafficking.

Reports indicate that back in 2003-2006, Khan had set up a criminal network in Guyana, which was said to have included active policemen and a number of former ranks, to exact punishment on “criminals”.

He was caught in Suriname back in 2006 while he was reportedly fleeing local police. He was subsequently handed over to the U.S. authorities to face drug-trafficking charges.


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