Guyana Standard has received reports of massive shopping across the city late this afternoon, into the night. The “panic shopping” has been triggered by news that Guyana has registered its first case of the deadly coronavirus. Citizens are stocking up on what they deem as essentials to help in the fight against contracting the virus. Hand sanitizers have become scarce, lysol sprays are flying off the shelves and some drug stores are now saying that they do not have vitamin c in stock. Also, Guyana Standard has received reports of exploitation being meted out to citizens by a popular Middle Street drug store. Regular hand wipes have become overly expensive and even Vitimins are being sold way above the regular price. When Guyana Standard spoke to persons at the drug store, we were told, “these things selling like hot cakes, people buying by the boxes.” Emergencee Vitamin C is now being sold for $4,800 to $5000, with 30 in the box. Anti-bacterial wipes, 10 in a pack, are being sold for no less than $2000. It is now a worry that the poor may become most at risk of contracting the virus given the climbing prices of essentials. At the market, oranges, lemons and limes are also in demand. One vendor told Guyana Standard , “I selling over 30 years and I never see nothing like this. Two big bag of lemons sell out in less than 20 minutes.”


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