Since the General and Regional Elections were held on March 2, last, many onlookers have questioned the nonappearance as well as the silence of APNU’s Carl Greenidge on the controversial issues surrounding the credible tabulation of the votes cast as well as the disrespect meted out to international observer missions.

Initially, the Guyana Standard had reported that his absence was due to the fact that his job as Foreign Secretary was in limbo and that he was in a “politically sensitive position with the party at this time.”

But earlier today, Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon, sought to shed some light on the issue.

Harmon said, “What has happened is that after every elections, the President has to make a determination as to what his Cabinet will look like and his Ministers. And in that way, what he has to do is to bring to an end, the engagement of all of those persons, be you an advisor, a Minister or so on and so that is what you called, cleaning the slate and thereafter, the persons are invited to meet with the President to say this is my proposal and let us discuss it.”

The Director General said that this is where the Government is at, while noting that some letters in this regard have been sent off.

The official said, “My understanding is that the letters were prepared for everybody but because of the situation that occurred afterwards with recount for Region Four and so on, the President was not able to complete sending off to all the other persons involved.”

The Director General said that certainly, the spotlight on Greenidge’s absence is an attempt to single out the persons who have received the said letter. He was keen to note that what has taken place was simply part of “a general procedural matter” after which, there will be a discussion on the way forward.


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