In continuing to support national efforts to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus, Citizens Bank has compiled a list of new measures which will be implemented from Wednesday until month-end.

Citizens Bank was keen to note that those customers desirous of conducting business at the bank must wear a face mask or they would be denied. They will also be subjected to a temperature test. If the reading exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, entry would not be possible.

The Bank noted that it will only provide banking services to customers of the bank, and therefore, non-Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. customers would not be accommodated. The financial institution said that loan applications will only be facilitated by appointment while noting that opening and maintenance of accounts have been temporarily suspended unless an emergency situation requires it.

Further to this, the financial institution said that limits will be placed on the number and value of cash transactions processed in the bank while adding that cheque deposits may be placed in the box situated inside of the institution. It also said that business customers are encouraged to utilize its night depository service.

The Guyana Standard also understands that wire transfers will only be accommodated by submission of a written request by a customer, or by email or through online banking. It was keen to note that pensioners/elderly folk will continue to be given priority and will be served by a dedicated teller.


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