Once the government gets over the current “political pandemic”, Finance Minister, Winston Jordan said that the issue of a real stimulus package would be considered in a more studied manner. Until such time, the economist is urging Guyanese to conserve their income.

During a recent interview with the Department of Public Information, the economist said, “…We don’t know when this thing is going to end and as much as possible (Guyanese should) conserve on (their) financial resources.”

The Minister said that instead of “eating out” parents can utilize more home-cooking which would be more nutritious and less costly. The official said that the COVID-19 fight is not just the business of the government but of all.

He said, “All of us have to play our part where this is concerned and if you don’t know where the next dollar is coming from then it means you have to cut it up even finer than you actually cutting it right now.”

The Minister said he is sure the country will get through this pandemic but not with the same spending habits pre-COVID-19.



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