The legal power to bring a speedy end to the tabulation of Guyana’s March 2, 2020 election, resides solely with the Chairperson of GECOM, Justice (retired) Claudette Singh, says Change Guyana Executive Member, Nigel Hinds.

In a letter to the media earlier today, Hinds said that
Justice Singh has not utilized or sought to utilize the Region 4 Statements of Polls to complete the adding and tabulation for Region 4.

Also, he said that the Chair has not instructed that the fraudulent Region 4 results be removed from Guyana Elections Commission’s website.

“One assumes that thoughts and feelings must torture the Chairperson on a daily basis, through her conscience!
Yet, even now, the GECOM Chairperson can clear her conscience and use her constitutional power to quickly end this kabuki dance,” he said.

Hinds opined that the Chair has the casting vote to join with the three Commissioners from the opposition, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and end to the “madness” that has enveloped Guyana.

Today marks 50 days since the electorate cast their ballots, yet, the process is yet to conclude. The process has been marred by controversy, violent protests and rigging allegations.

The controversy erupted when the Returning Officer for District Four, Clairmont Mingo, announced figures that did not match those in the possession of the observers and party agents.

The results see the David Granger-led administration winning the elections. The decision was subsequently taken to recount all the votes cast, with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) scheduled to play a supervisory role, at the behest of the incumbent President, David Granger after consulting with Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.

However, a candidate of the party led by Granger took to the court to have the process stopped. The CARICOM team departed. Further litigation paved the way for GECOM to continue as planned and to have the CARICOM team return.

Hinds said that the Chairperson must put her foot down and stop the “shenanigans” taking place.

“Madam Singh has the casting vote to avoid the nonsensical and witless requests of the PNC-APNU Commissioners.If ever there was a time for essential action to bring about democratic transition in Guyana, now is the time,” he said.

The recount will take place even as the country battles to curb the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Hinds said that tens of thousands of workers are now unemployed in Guyana, and the people of Guyana needs a legitimate government to take charge.

“Our 30% plus poverty level pre-election, has probably doubled, many of our folks are living on the edge of starvation, physical and mental health has worsened, insecurity and crime have increased, there is no economic relief package from the illegitimate government and the International Community will not support the election aborters of democracy; decisive action is needed now,” Hinds stressed.

He went on to say: “Chairperson of GECOM, Justice Claudette Singh, has the power bestowed on her by the Constitution of Guyana to end the electoral shenanigans; and must avoid making vague, amorphous or indeterminate statements that diminish the responsibility and authority vested in her by the Supreme Law of Guyana.”


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