With every meeting of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), former President, Donald Ramotar said that the contours of the APNU/AFC’s plan to steal the elections and remain in power, becomes more pronounced.

The former President made these and other comments in an analysis published today on his Facebook page. On that social media platform, he said that his conclusion is premised on the total rejection by GECOM Chairperson, Justice retired Claudette Singh, to the proposals made by the PPP Commissioners regarding the recount of the votes cast in the March 2 elections. Some of these proposals called for the recount to be done in two weeks instead of 25 days, for the recount to be live-streamed, and for the release of the original Statements of Poll.

By voting in this manner, Ramotar holds the view that the Chair has demonstrated a serious lack of will to stand strong for the nation while adding that the Chair is wittingly or unwittingly, facilitating the PNC’s riggers‘ diabolical plans.

Commenting further, the former President said, “…By disallowing every suggestion of the Opposition appointed Commissioners, the fig leaf has fallen away, (and) Claudette Singh has exposed herself as being totally weak and seems willing to hand over her mandate to the PNC cabal.”

In preparation for this new assault, Ramotar said that the PNC has put their main ‘intellectual’ writers in overdrive. He believes that their job is to try to disguise the sheer crookedness of the PNC cabal, their corruption, and undemocratic character.

He said, “They are trying to move this from a struggle to defend democracy, to defend decency and to clean-up public life into a question of race. This is the last refuge of scoundrels. It is racist from another position, that is, it is a terrible abuse of our Afro-Guyanese compatriots.”

The former Head of State said this last ditch and desperate attempt at rigging/manipulating the outcome of the March 2 polls, is not just an assault on the Guyanese people. He insisted that it is an affront to the Caricom Region, the Commonwealth, the Organization of American States, the Carter Center and the entire family of democratic nations in this hemisphere and beyond.

“…Together, we must work to frustrate the diabolical plans of this corrupt, power hungry clique. Our country, our people deserve nothing less!” the former Head of State concluded.


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