The Mayor and Councillors of the City (M&CC) of Georgetown wishes to inform the public that it is neither involved in nor has it granted permission to anyone for the collection of monies to enter its markets or for the use of handwashing sinks placed there.

With that, it has warned that the unauthorized collection of monies by unknown individuals is a crime punishable by law and as such wishes to encourage culpable persons to desist from this dishonest act.

M&CC said that actions to solicit funds in the name of the organization, from citizens in this regard should be reported immediately to the City Constabulary Headquarters, City Hall Compound, Regent Street, Georgetown, or to the Guyana Police Force.

Also, the Town Clerk (ag) Sherry Jerrick has instructed the Chief Constable (ag) Peter Livingstone to carry out a full investigation into this matter. M&CC wishes to remind the public that it remains steadfast in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

For this purpose, it said that hand washing sinks were placed at the entrances of Municipal Markets and its contiguous areas, to be used by all members of the public, free of charge.

“Let us join in the effort to flatten the curve by practicing good hygiene, social distancing, and the use of a face mask if we must leave our homes. Otherwise, let us remain within the confines of our homes, it can save our lives,” M&CC encouraged.


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