The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has rubbished claims of the party challenging the national votes recount process in the courts.

In a statement this afternoon, the PPP/C said that these claims are being spurred by the A Partnership  for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) caretaker government.

The PPP/C sought to call out the APNU+AFC which it said continues to peddle lies and distortions about the recount process.

According to the party, “Even as the process is about to begin, they [APNU+AFC) still continue. Today, they repeated their fabricated contention that the PPP/C will challenge the start of the recount process in the courts.”

Against this backdrop, the PPP/C made it clear that it has no intentions of legally challenging the recount process.

In light of the foregoing, the party said it rejects this bizarre lie being peddled by the APNU+AFC and reiterated its commitment to the exercise.

“It is the PPP which has led the struggle for the recount process to take place; while the APNU+AFC has been doing everything possible, including going to court, to prevent and derail the recount,” the party reminded.

It said, “The world knows that they [APNU+AFC] have a vested interest in preventing the true results of the elections from being disclosed and would much prefer [Clairmont] Mingo’s fraudulent declaration to prevail.”

The PPP/C therefore, said it will continue, along with other stakeholders, the International and the Diplomatic Community and the decent citizens of this  country, to do everything possible to protect democracy and ensure that the recount is done credibly and transparently.


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