A 23-year-old woman is being sought by police after it was alleged that she killed a man she suspected of stealing her gun.

Dead is 24-year-old Vanir Nasio, a porkknocker of Parmakatoi Village, North Pakarimas. According to information, around 14:30 hrs yesterday,  Nasio and a 23-year-old woman were at Siparuni Backdam working together on a four-inch land dredge.

During that time, the woman approached Nasio and accused him of stealing her gun. A heated argument then ensued between them.

As a consequence, the woman reportedly dealt the man several kicks and cuffs about his body. The injured man left the mining camp on foot in the company of another female miner to seek medical attention.

While en route to Mabura to seek medical attention, he died on the trail. A further update will follow.


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