Below is a joint statement issued by the US, UK and EU on the commencement of the national recount of all votes cast in the March 02, 2020 General and Regional Elections:

The Ambassador of the United States of America, H.E. Sarah-Ann Lynch, the British High Commissioner, H.E. Greg Quinn, the Canadian High Commissioner, H.E. Lilian Chatterjee, and the Ambassador of the European Union, H.E. Fernando Ponz-Canto, have noted the plans put forward for a recount of ballots from the 02 March elections.

We welcome the decision to finally commence the recount process. The results of these elections are long overdue, and it is incumbent on all to do what they can to ensure the democratic choice of the people is heard and acted upon.

Full transparency of the recount process is, however, vital to ensure it is credible. In this respect we welcome the role of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) although we regret that it has not been possible for a broader range of international observers to be present at the start of the process. We do, however, welcome the decision to allow live-streaming and urge that this be used to the maximum extent possible.

As friends of Guyana we encourage a swift, credible, and transparent conclusion to the recount process which will allow us all to concentrate both on the threat posed by COVID-19 and the development needs of Guyana.


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