Seven persons that were infected with the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) have since recovered; taking the number from 27 to 34.
According to statistics provided by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Shamdeo Persaud, there are no new reported cases of the virus. That number remains at 93. An additional 22 tests were done, bringing the total number of persons tested to 736.

COVID-19 deaths remain at 10. Some 643 persons have been tested negative so far. There are three persons in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU), six in institutional quarantine and 49 in isolation.

To date, the total number of patients seen in the COVID-19 ICU is 26 with 7 deaths being registered within the unit. The total number of patients who were transferred from ICU is 13, with the total number of patients who recovered and were discharged from ICU being 3.

Of all positive cases, children account for 5.4%, adults 82 % and the elderly 12.6%. Even though 52% of our confirmed cases were males, they account for 80% of COVID-19 deaths in Guyana.

Dr Persaud, in ending today’s briefing, reminded of the important role that citizens must play.

“COVID-19 is still in our midst, we cannot let our guard down. Remember that COVID-19 is not only a concern of the MoPH, but for the entire nation. So, we ask you to be supportive and cooperate with all those at the forefront of this fight so that we can return to normalcy. Additionally, for those who have recovered, let us respect and give them our full support as they reintegrate into our communities and society at large,” he stressed.


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