The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases remain at 113, says Karen Gordon-Boyle, Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO). Two additional persons have recovered; taking the total number of persons who have recuperated, to 41.

Some 34 persons within the last 24 hours were tested. The number of COVID deaths is 10. In total, some one thousand and twenty (1020) persons have been tested, with nine hundred and seven (907) being negative. Five persons are in institutional quarantine and 62 in institutional isolation. Three persons are in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The DCMO said that of the 10 Administrative Regions in Guyana, only three remain COVID-19 free.

“As of yesterday, we now have confirmed cases in seven of our 10 administrative regions. This is the situation that we were trying to avoid when we instituted the guidelines, with the clear understanding that limiting the spread of this disease to as few regions as possible would have guaranteed us a quicker resolution. With this new development, our only hope is that you our citizens finally realize that unless you act responsibly our health system is at risk of becoming overburdened with COVID-19 cases,” the health official said.

She noted, too, that the lessons learnt from many countries that have managed to slow the rate of infection and contain this disease were either by forceful measures or by the disciplined participation of their citizens to join forces with the Government. Those citizens would have:
-Stayed at home when they were advised to
-Maintain the physical distancing in public spaces
-Wash their hands before eating, touching their face and before engaging in activities with others
-Clean the surfaces in their homes and places of work as often as possible
-Reach out for medical attention when unwell or if they were knowingly in contact with a positive case.

The DCMO said that while these guidelines may seem simple and imposing, they worked.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO)’s report dated 12th May, 2020 there are: – 4,088,848 confirmed cases globally with 283, 153 deaths. In the Americas, the number of cases is 1,743,717 with 104, 549 deaths.


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