The Observer Mission for the Organization of American States (OAS) is concerned that the Carter Centre is yet to receive the requisite permission from the coalition administration so that it may return to observe the recount process. This was recently noted by Chairman of the OAS Mission, Bruce Golding.

The former Prime Minister of Jamaica said that the Mission will in due course; submit its final report upon conclusion of this matter along with its findings on the 2020 General and Regional Elections recount process. Turning his attention to the latter issue, Golding said that there are two accredited members of the OAS in Georgetown. He said that they will observe the process through to its conclusion.

In the meantime, the Head of the Observer Mission said that he is in receipt of reports that the recount continues to see incremental improvements while noting that reports also suggest that the process will last longer than 25 days unless the pace is significantly improved. Golding was keen to note that greater consistency in the management of the work stations along with efforts to limit or exclude actions that hinder efficiency may help in this regard.

Further to this, the official was also keen to remind that when the OAS Mission departed Guyana early on the morning of March 14, last, it had issued a statement that the process used by Clairmont Mingo, the Returning Officer for Region Four, did not meet the standards of fairness and transparency and was unlikely to produce a credible result. Golding alluded to the fact that the OAS was vindicated in making such a statement.

Up to Tuesday, Golding pointed out that 81 boxes had been recounted for Region Four. In 20 of those boxes, he highlighted that the votes for APNU were decreased by 1536 and the votes were increased by 177 votes for PPP. Taking this damning discrepancy along with others into account Golding said, “…I have never seen such a transparent effort to alter elections results.”


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