The recount of the votes cast by the citizenry in the 2020 General and Regional Elections is proving beyond conviction that APNU+AFC agents made attempts to inflate figures so that the coalition could gain the upper hand in the polls. Upon taking note of this and ensuing events, former Advisor to the President, Dr. Jan Mangal said the nation is getting a firsthand look at how devious the government and its agents can be.

Dr. Mangal noted that the government’s mishandling of democratic issues like ensuring a credible and transparent elections tabulation process, is a sure indication that it is not fit to run Guyana with its newfound oil wealth.
During an interview with the Guyana Standard today, Dr. Mangal said, “The government has cemented the suspicions some people had of it with the way it has behaved with the elections. In fact, I was disappointed with many things the Coalition did with oil but I was still hopeful there were some elements in government who were well-intentioned. But I am no longer hopeful.”

The official added, “For the country and its people to benefit from their oil, we need ethical and competent leadership. We also have to ask why the government is so scared of accepting electoral defeat, and if it might be connected to its handling (or mishandling) of oil matters.”
The international consultant said that Guyana desperately needs leaders with integrity, but unfortunately, “the majority of the populace voted race, and for continued failure.” Dr. Mangal stressed that leaders who try to steal democracy cannot be seen as ethical and therefore, cannot be trusted.

Furthermore, Dr. Mangal was keen to note that his concerns are not only about the APNU+AFC but also of the political opposition. In this regard, he reminded that Guyana has had its fair share of governance issues with the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in the past while noting that there is no indication that this party has changed its ways.

Until new political parties gain enough popularity with the masses, and there is more political diversity, Dr. Mangal said that Guyana will remain between a rock and a hard place with the PPP and the APNU+AFC, “and this is a serious threat to our oil.”


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