The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), says it is disappointed to learn that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) took a decision to increase the number of workstations for the Recount exercise to 12 from the 10 that are currently in place.

The GCCI said that the decision, based on the average number of votes counted in the past week, will not achieve the goal of keeping to a 25-day recount timeline.

The GCCI sought to remind GECOM that it has been 79 days since the General and Regional Elections were held, and it is imperative that the Recount process be concluded within the 25 day time frame as the country needs a new government sworn in to put policies in place to combat the Coronavirus’ economic impact.

“Currently businesses and citizens are suffering, investments have slowed down, jobs are being lost and more companies are closer to bankruptcy as their cash flows dwindle,” the GCCI added.

According to GCCI, government has been unable to access International Financing, the country has not had a budget in place since 2018, and is expending monies outside of the accountability that the Constitution sets out, that is, without Parliamentary oversight.

This situation, it stressed, is harming the nation both on a micro and macro level.

“On a micro level, there is no fiscal stimulus program in place because of the caretaker status, so the economy is suffering and the average person feels worse off either from job loss or from reduced earnings. On a macro level, sectors such as tourism and services are in dire straits without macro policies to shelter them in these times.”

Therefore, GCCI pointed out that the only way forward to help steer the economy in these troubling headwinds is to complete the recount quickly and credibly, otherwise, businesses and livelihoods will continue to suffer.


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