President David Granger has stated that there first needs to be evidence of wrongdoing by his administration before sanctions can be imposed. He made the comment on Monday evening during an interview on the radio programme ”Straight Up.”

The Head of State said the A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition government has “nothing to hide” and urged that persons wait until the recount process is completed before judgements are made.

“My government has done nothing wrong and I do not think those sanctions could be justified if it is shown that my government has behaved legally and the elections process was a legitimate one and that it satisfies international standards,” he remarked.

The President further expressed concern if the international community-imposed sanctions; stating it was not something he wants to be inflicted on the people of Guyana.

“When you were to consider what is likely to happen to the Guyana economy were any form of sanctions to be applied, it could be extremely damaging for a very long time.”

The Head of State further emphasised the need for evidence of misconduct and highlighted the reason for the national recount.

“The question of sanctions could only be applied if there is any evidence or proof of wrongdoing and the reason why we’re in the present situation of having a recount is to assure our own people and the international community that the government has behaved properly.”



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