Of the 10 COVID-19 related deaths recorded in Guyana, eight of them are males. For Guyana’s relatively small population, Health Officials said that there is an alarming rise in the number of cases with the majority being men. The ratio stands at 71 males: 54 females. These men are between 16 and 59 years old.

As a matter of fact, Health Officials are concerned about the alarmingly high rise in the number of COVID-19 cases for which the majority are men. In this regard, the Director of Primary Health Care Service, Dr. Ertenisa Hamilton, issued a call to faith-based leaders and other reputable persons in society to help spread COVID-19 awareness messages to men.

During today’s COVID-19 situation update, Dr. Hamilton said that the foregoing persons have a vital role to play in the country’s efforts to curtail the spread of the disease. She said that it is imperative that men hear this appeal from all quarters.

Dr. Hamilton added, “We must protect the family, particularly our children who have been away from school, whose play outside has been disrupted, who can potentially face discrimination just because their fathers didn’t comply with the guidelines.”

Specifically addressing men, Dr. Dennis Bassier, Men’s Health Coordinator, said, “I will be speaking to you men about COVID-19, man to man.”

He pointed out that pride only hurts, it never helps. According to Dr. Bassier, it is the general understanding that men have poor health-seeking behavior; this is further emphasized by the current situation.

“But wait, the plot thickens… lots of males that have been positively diagnosed, are not single. As a result of this, their partners and children have to be tested due to them being exposed,” he added.

The doctor advised men that there is no shame in wearing a face-mask, in practicing social-distancing, or even in constantly sanitizing your hands. He said that there will be no loss of pride but there could be loss of health and/or life for “you and your loved ones.”

Dr. Bassier said,too, that men are still on the road, they are seen gathering at the bars and corner shops during the day to compensate for their closure from 6 p.m. And at nights, he said that after 6pm, men are still hanging with the boys on the road, having parties and playing football.

According to Health Officials, Region Four is the most densely populated region and as such, 80% of the registered COVID-19 cases have been found in Region 4. This clearly indicates that persons are not taking note of and putting into practice the strict guidelines for the prevention of transmission of the disease.

Through the hotline of the “Health Emergency Operations Centre”, Dr. Bassier pointed out that it has emerged that men think COVID-19 is not “in their area” or “because our number of positive cases and deaths is low, that it is under control.”

Against this backdrop, he said, “I am pleading with you, men, to think about your family, your communities and your country. Stay home, practice social-distancing and wear your  face-masks. Get to know the recommended guidelines and put them into practice. Because, if it is that you don’t like the way COVID-19 has the country right now, please know that you are prolonging this period every time you don’t practice the preventative measures, and the only one you have to blame is yourself.”


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