(DPI)- The Mayor of Georgetown, His Worship, Pandit Ubraj Narine disclosed yesterday that the City Council has received approximately $8 Million (US$38,412) from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) to aid its efforts in stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Mayor Narine said this followed discussions held on April 27, with the health organisation on additional measures to fight the further transmission of the virus.

Describing the talks as fruitful, he said that M&CC will not receive a cheque rather, they will provide quotations for necessary items required. These will then be purchased by PAHO and delivered to the Council.

The Mayor also reported that he, along with the (ag) Town Clerk Sherry Jerrick, Deputy Mayor, Deputy Town Clerk (ag) and several other councillors comprise a COVID-19 working group that meets every Thursday to “discuss the way forward and strategize” how they will acquire support for their efforts.

One of the measures he noted that the group has implemented is a fine for not wearing a mask when transacting business at the markets – this applies to both vendors and customers. To date, 51 persons have been fined for non-compliance with this regulation.

The Mayor also thanked the various stakeholders who have come on board to support the M&CC’s initiatives. Among these was the preparation and distribution of 200 hampers to various constituencies.

The Mayor also expressed gratitude and thanks to the Georgetown Chambers and Commerce with the help of several other stakeholders, who assisted to prepare 200 hampers which were distributed.

Mayor Narine again appealed to citizens to adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Public Health.


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