The Welfare Unit of the Department of Education, Region 4, with the full support of the Regional Democratic Council is presently reaching out to vulnerable children across the region through the distribution of hampers.

The Welfare Unit says it recognizes the need for this venture during this global pandemic. The following villages will be targeted: Bareroot, Patwa Scheme, Chateau Margot and Vigilance South, all located on the East Coast of Demerara.

Along the East Bank of Demerara, Swan (Kuru Kururu) and Kaneville will be targeted. The Welfare Department continues to reach out to families across Region 4. During last week, nursery aged children from vulnerable homes received learning materials to assist in the continuity of learning.

The Department continues to focus on continuity of learning across the three levels (Nursery , Primary and secondary).Worksheets and Workbooks are presently being distributed.

Pickup points for worksheets are as follows: Department of Education(sub-office), East Bank Demerara; Soesdyke Secondary; Friendship Sub office; La Bonne Intention Secondary; Regional Democratic Council, Triumph Office, East Coast Demerara; Bladen Hall Multilateral; Buxton Bakery; Golden Grove Nursery and Lancaster.

The Department of Education will continue to focus on the development of the education sector which will ultimately impact national development.


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