The Education Department of the Traffic Headquarters, today June 10, 2020 visited several mini-bus parks around downtown Georgetown ensuring drivers and conductors alike are aware of the COVID-19 emergency measures in keeping with the Public Health Ordinances, Chapter 145.

This act makes provision under section No.7 for Social distancing and physical distancing protocols which dictate that persons should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet in order to avoid the spread of COVID -19.

Several police ranks sensitized the mini-bus operators of the number of passengers that should be onboard. This amounts to half of the amount that they were previously allowed by law.

For example, a fifteen seater-vehicle should not carry in excess of 8 passengers at any given time and includes the driver.

The mini-bus operators were also instructed that each passenger and driver must wear protective gear that being a face mask, at all times and they should ensure that both passengers and mini-buses should be properly sanitized.

The information was well received since most drivers were under the impression that they should be carrying two passengers in each row of seats. With this updated information, they bus operators committed themselves to following all regulations in regard to retarding the spread of the COVID-19.


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