People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Executives, this morning, met with the Commissioner of Police (COP), Leslie James, to raise several concerns regarding racist statements on social media, and the need to have systems in place to secure State assets and documents.

PPP/C’s Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali, said that the party would have brought to the attention of the COP, instances of persons making “racial hostile” statements on social media.

“We asked the Commissioner what systems are in place to deal with this to ensure that there is monitoring, and actions are taking against such persons. The Commissioner responded. He said that they are actively monitoring what is happening and there are systems in place,” Ali said.

He noted, too, that the Commission informed the PPP/C delegation that a list containing “breaches” has been compiled and sent for legal advice.
The former Housing Minister said, too, that the party would have discussed the safeguarding of State assets.

He said that during the 2015 elections – which the party lost – police ranks were stationed at every ministry and department while the transition was taking place. The PPP/C seems to want this same system in place, now that the elections results puts them in a favourable position to regain office.

“We asked him to ensure that he looks at this, and to ensure that systems are in place to secure State assets and documents…[He] assured us that systems will be put in place to do justice,” Ali said.

Thirdly, the party asked the COP about the systems that will be in place to “deal with any eventuality” of unrest after the declaration of results.

“There have been many threats [and] many statements on social media…The Commissioner has assured us that they are actively monitoring the situation, they’re gathering intelligence to deal with any such threats if it arise,” Ali said.



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