Opinions vented after Guyana’s March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections by columnists Dr. David Hinds, Mr. Lincoln Lewis and Dr. Henry Jeffrey, demonstrates total disregard for the majority will of the Guyanese people and the law.

Election results for these well-educated men are no longer about credible, free and fair elections, it is not about having a democratic transition and ensuring the winner of the elections be quickly sworn into office.

Instead of appealing to our better traits, these men are appealing to base instincts. The numbers extracted from the votes cast are irrelevant in their pronouncements, yet the same columnists embrace numbers for a hodge-podge of unrealistic, insignificant and/or unverifiable claims.

In summary the trio would like the votes cast at the March 2nd elections to have no relevance, only because the ballot count and recount shows that APNU-AFC lost the elections. Arising or descending from their fallacious reasoning, the goodly gentlemen demand as necessary – shared governance in some ambiguous form.

Invariably and not surprisingly, there is one exception to the ambiguity of the shared governance mantra, the arrangement begins with David Granger as Executive President of Guyana, exactly as obtained prior to the elections. The shared governance has no beginning, the purpose of the proposal is to reverse the election results.

It is “treat the loser as a winner syndrome” that defies logic, constitutional law and democratic normalcy, which common sense, custom and the law rightfully opposes.

Every society should have media for informed and intelligent discussions from opposing platforms. However, when columnists descend to promoting racist and inhumane views, it is incumbent upon the editors of the media, especially the mainstream media editors to sanction these rabble-rousers and anti-democratic provocateurs from promoting division within our society.

Otherwise, our fledgling democracy will only be undermined by the biased and self-serving pronouncements of these partisan insiders.

It is past time for our mainstream media to distance themselves from having columnists that are intent on suppressing the voting will of a diverse majority.

Nigel Hinds


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