Given the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Guyana (UG) this week announced that applicants for the 2020/2021 academic year will be required to scan their relevant documents and submit them via email for verification. Documents are required to be scanned and submitted via email address [email protected]; these documents will be temporarily verified.

On return to physical operations of the University, a second verification will be made of the original/hardcopy of these documents. According to UG, payments of applicant processing fees can be made through Republic Bank Guyana Limited, SurePay or MMG System. Once payment is made, the receipt should be scanned and emailed to [email protected]. These new measures were disclosed by UG’s Assistant Registrar Sonia Gordon, who was a guest on 104.1 Lite Radio Station.

Presently, categories of UG staff and students continue to work from online until at least the end of the extended Semester 1, Saturday, July 18, 2020, in response to COVID-19. According to UG, while essential staff and specified others may return with special permission under strict protocols, a full-fledged return to face to face mode of classes is not envisaged at this time.

However, staff and students will continue to work online as far as possible during this period. While the situation is still being observed, staff and students are encouraged to frequently check the University’s official communication channels, SRMS, HRMIS and the University’s website for updates. UG continues to encourage everyone to stay safe and to support the safety of others by following the guidelines of staying home, covering one’s nose, mouth and eyes and maintaining six feet physical distance from others if they must go out.

UG also encourages everyone to maintain good nutrition and hygiene by washing hands, feet and parts of the body including garments regularly. Emergency cell numbers for all essential departments may be found on the University’s website at


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