Citing that “this is a tense time for our country,” Chair of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Justice retired Claudette Singh told Guyana Standard that she continues to execute her constitutional duties with the highest of professionalism and will not act in any manner contrary to the guidance offered to her by the laws of Guyana.
Contrary to reports being peddled on social media, Singh categorically denied that she told Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield that he should “fix” a report handed to her; neither did she throw the said report back at him.
According to Singh, the truth of the matter is that Lowenfield never handed over the said report to her.
Singh noted that just before a slated meeting of the Commission at 14:00hrs on Thursday, last, Lowenfield visited her office to inform her that he was served with a Motion which prevented him from handing over his report.
“He came in and showed me the Motion. As I was reading it, I noticed that it was not granted. It was only an application restraining him from giving me his report. I told him that this (report) is not granted, its only an application,” GECOM chair said.
She further added that just as she was looking for the date on the Motion, her secretary knocked on her door to inform her that someone was outside to see her—it was the Marshals.
They served her with a copy of the said writ but this too did not have any date. She was made to call the Court of Appeal about the date and was informed that the hearing will be on June 19.
“I then told Lowenfield that I am not going to demand or ask him for the report, as a former Judge, I don’t want to trample on someone’s constitutional right. I asked that he take it to the Commission at 2(pm) and he said okay but he did not come. He came to my office after 1 (PM),” the former Judge posited.
She was keen to register that she never threw any report at Lowenfield or even told him in any form or fashion that he should “fix” his report. The retired judge said she would not do anything to impugn her character while noting that she has a witness to attest to these proceedings.
“I am on the side of the law and the law will see me through,” Justice Claudette Singh stressed.


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