When the ongoing electoral impasse is settled, and the A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) goes into Opposition, speculations will begin on the retirement of incumbent President David Granger, and a new leader of the coalition.

This is according to former Speaker of the National Assembly, Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran, who, in his most recent writings, said that the obvious contenders for replacement of Granger are [APNU General Secretary] Joseph Harmon and [Minister of Public Health] Volda Lawrence .

Ramkarran said that others such as [Executive member of APNU+AFC] Aubrey Norton “are waiting in the wings.” The Senior Counsel reasoned that, both David Granger and [former leader of the PNC] Robert Corbin will play important roles in determining who eventually takes control of the APNU+AFC.

“Granger’s silent support of Harmon was not sufficient to have him elected as Chairman recently. Volda Lawrence, with the support of Corbin, defeated Harmon, whose military background, it was said, hindered him,” Ramkarran wrote.

Nevertheless, Ramkarran noted that Harmon and Lawrence remain the top contenders to take over leadership of the APNU+AFC, and Basil Williams has stayed out of the fray, quietly building his credentials as Attorney General and “hoping that while others cancel themselves in warfare, he will slip through.”

There are other possibilities which the PNC might not have considered, Ramkarran added.

Taking this into consideration, he said there continues to be speculation about [Minister of Natural Resources] Raphael Trotman’s future. However, the former House Speaker reminded that Trotman’s association with the AFC appears to have cooled and observers have noted that he is “ambitious”, having once challenged Desmond Hoyte for the leadership of the PNC.

“While the PNC might not yet have forgiven him for abandoning the party and helping to launch the AFC, he would obtain broad public support. If his name emerges as a possibility, the AFC should allow him to transition to the PNC with its support,” Ramkarran urged in conclusion.


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