A 25-year-old man was further remand to prison this morning for the February 13, 2019 murder of 18-year-old Alex Daniels, who was killed during a drunken argument at Frenchman Backdam, Mabura, Region 10.

Imran Daniels, who has no relations to Alex Daniels, pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge, which alleged that he unlawfully killed Alex Daniels. Imran Daniels, who was represented by lawyer Ravindra Mohabir, was initially indicted for murder by State Prosecutors Teriq Mohammed and Tyra Bakker.

According to the facts, on the day in question, Imran Daniels, Alex Daniels and another man were sitting chatting and imbibing alcohol at a shop at Frenchman Backdam, Upper Demerara River. The trio was employed at a mining camp in the area. At around 19:30hrs that evening, Imran Daniels and Alex Daniles were involved in a heated argument during which Imran Daniels armed himself with a knife and stabbed his drinking buddy.

The stabbing was witnessed by Thakur Persaud, who said he heard Alex Daniels telling Imran Daniels, “Look Ya jook meh! Ya jook meh!” The prosecutors related that Persaud got out of his hammock and went to rescue Alex Daniels, and discovered a black handled knife lying next to him. According to the prosecutors, after the incident Imran Daniels attempted to flee but was pursued and apprehended. Both he, and Alex Daniels were taken to the Mabura Police Outpost.

Following today’s court hearing which was done via Zoom, Imran Daniels was further remanded to prison and instructed to make another court appearance on Monday, July 20, 2020, when he will be sentenced to a term of imprisonment by Justice Brassington Reynolds.


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