It is over 16 weeks since Guyana’s General and Regional elections have been held and the results cannot be declared. This is not a record to be proud of and if the election has shown us anything, it is that Guyana badly needs reconciliation amongst its politicians and Constitutional Reform. This perspective was recently proffered by British High Commissioner, Greg Quinn during a webinar that was held by Canning House.
Founded over 75 years ago, Canning House prides itself as the UK’s leading forum for informed comment, contacts and debate on Latin American politics, economy and business.
During his opening remarks, Quinn articulated that Guyana’s highly controversial elections have been challenged on several fronts but stressed that there needs to be a resolution for the good of the people. Quinn stressed that the ongoing uncertainty has not been helpful and it has stoked division. He was keen to note however that the winner of the elections will need to show quickly that there is room for every citizen. The High Commissioner said that the winner will also need to show support for Constitutional Reform since some of the issues that have led to the controversies in this election process is linked to the delay of the reform.
Quinn said too that there also needs to be some sort of work on reconciliation amongst the political leaders while noting that his home country, Northern Ireland, can provide some lessons in this regard.
The High Commissioner said that he has been living in Guyana for the past five and a half years, and he can see the potential there is for the future once certain grievances on both sides are addressed. Quinn added, “…I see the potential. (And) I want to see this country get to where it should be…”


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