The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health has established eight housing units at Santa Rosa, Region One, four at Aranka, Region Seven and one at Parika, Region Three. These are pre-fabricated housing units, and were donated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

These units will facilitate screening, testing and quarantining/ isolation services. Forty eight of these units were donated by the UNHCR and will be used where needed to set up testing and quarantining facilities.

Additionally, the Commission has procured, packed and sent off hampers for the Santa Rosa community as it prepares to undergo a complete lock down. These hampers were handed over to the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs, who will facilitate delivery.

The CDC is also providing assistance in the management of the COVID hotline services. The Commission replenishes and augments the food supply in some of the quarantine institutions as well.

Also, the Infectious Diseases Hospital is 95 percent completed. It is anticipated that all outstanding works and minor changes will be completed by July 13th, 2020. This facility will be fully dedicated to the COVID-19 response and for any other infectious diseases that may arise in the future.

Guyana has over 250 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Fourteen persons have already succumbed to the virus since Guyana confirmed its first imported case back in March of this year. Over 100 persons


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