The Opposition, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is accusing the incumbent regime, the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) of “attacking” persons who have expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s conduct relating to the March General and Regional Elections.
Following the Returning Officer (RO) Clairmont Mingo’s introduction of questionable figures during the tabulation of the Region Four votes back in March, the diplomatic community and observers – both local and international – have all condemned the actions of the official; deeming his figures “not credible”. His figures show a win for the APNU+AFC.

These objections gave way for the recounting of all the votes cast in the 10 Electoral Districts, under the watchful eyes of a high-level, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) team that was deployed with the blessing of the bloc’s then-Chairperson, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

At the end of that process, the data indicated a win for the PPP/C, with a lead of over 15,000 votes.

APNU+AFC, however, claims that the recount unearthed many instances of voter fraud, and accused the PPP/C of fudging the numbers, and the observers of being bias.

But the CARICOM team has deemed the recount process credible and data sufficient to declare a winner.

Since then, several supporters and officials of the APNU+AFC have been highly critical of their detractors. They have accused these commentators and observers of trying to undermine Guyana’s sovereignty, and interfering in the electoral process.

Protests have been carried out in the capital and several other APNU+AFC strongholds, calling for these critics to desist from “interfering” with the process.

The PPP/C has deemed this claim of international interference as “absurd”.

“The main plank upon which these attacks are based is an alleged “interference” with Guyana’s sovereignty. Nothing can be more absurd, ill-informed, and misconceived. It is common knowledge that entering into international arrangements and treaties and becoming a part of international organisations is not a limitation of sovereignty but an exercise of it. Guyana is a member of the Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organisation of American States and CARICOM, and through its obligations under various international treaties executed with these organisations, Guyana enjoined to practice and embrace democratic processes, including free and fair elections,” the party said in a statement earlier today.


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