A 33-year-old security guard was this morning shot and killed by his neighbour while feeding his horse.
According to information, Andrew Easton called ‘Lawless’ of Lot TKR 27 Reserve Dam, ‘C’ Sophia, East Coast Demerara was shot three times. Twice to the shoulder and once to the back by his neighbour who is now on the run.

It was reported that around 09:00 hrs, the victim was tending to his horse, when he was approached by the armed suspect. It is alleged that the suspect raised his gun and discharged several rounds in his direction.
The father of one, after being shot thrice, attempted to run but collapsed a short distance away where he died.
The man’s reputed wife, Samantha Shelto told reporters that the incident stemmed from an argument Easton had with the suspect two days ago. The suspect had then threatened to shoot Easton and the matter was reported to the station but nothing was done.
Easton’s mother-in-law, in an interview, stated that Easton informed her a few days ago that the suspect pulled a gun on him.

The residents are now calling for more police presence in the area. A further update will be provided.


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