The Palms Elderly Care facility is now COVID-19 free, as its final three patients have made full recoveries from the virus.

The patients, 66 year-old Robert Baiku, 69 year-old Cleo Brotherson and 57 year-old Gaitree Kaloutie will spend a few days in the facility’s infirmary before they are moved to the general ward.

Seven other patients have already convalesced, including 105 year-old Zorie De Mattos and 91 year-old Rosaline Hamilton.

The Social Protection Ministry said today, that the dedicated staff and doctors from the Ministry of Public Health are credited for this milestone.

“COVID-19 presented unprecedented challenges to the Palms and our team. Thanks to the perseverance of our staff and the guidance from the Georgetown Public Hospital, 10 residents have fully recovered and there are no COVID-19 resident cases currently in the facility. With the continued health and safety of our residents being our primary concern, we have conducted additional staff and resident retesting to further verify that our home is completely free of COVID-19,” stated Whentworth Tanner, Director of Social Services, Ministry of Social Protection (MoSP).

The Ministry extends its gratitude to the following persons who worked tirelessly to ensure the COVID 19 patients were given around-the-clock care: Avae Collins; Sheba Thoma; Hollis Brazh; Christel Nedd; Simeon Marc; Romona Matthews; Shellon Pillay Chester; Tracy Alleyne; Alina Cozier; Odessa Sealey; Latroya Joseph; Richard Holder; Tonia Mc Pherson; Aba Crawford; Marissa Blackman; Marilyn France; Samantha Douglas (Palms Administrator); Donette Mingo (Medical Services Coordinator); Mohammed Ganie (Palms Assistant Administrator); Jacqueline Clarke; Tamika Teixeira and Renetia Watts.


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