Campaign Manager and Candidate for the incumbent regime – A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) – Joseph Harmon said today that the High Court “sidestepped” the issue of fraudulent ballots in the tabulated votes during the recount process.

His comment comes hours after the Chief Justice (CJ) Roxanne George ruled that the data emanated from the vote recount process, stands. This means that the 10 previous declarations made by the Returning Officers (ROs) – which the APNU+AFC wants to be used – have no place in the determination of a victor at these elections.

Indeed, these declarations show victory for the APNU+AFC, whereas the recount data puts the Opposition in office.

The CJ was clear that those declarations have been overtaken by events whereby the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), in its wisdom, considered that there were difficulties that had to be addressed, and therefore created Order 60 (Recount Order) to address said issues.

The APNU+AFC throughout the process, made numerous allegations of electoral fraud at the polls. The party has been advocating that these issues be addressed forthwith before any declaration is made, however, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) made it clear that these matters are better suited for an elections petition, and that GECOM cannot take on the powers of a court.
Harmon, however, is adamant that these matters must be resolved before a declaration is made.

In a statement this evening, he said: “We will continue to insist that fraudulent recount votes cannot determine the will of the Guyanese People. Only valid votes can produce such a result.”

He said that the party’s lawyers will engage at the next level of the Court System, that is, appealing the matter, “to ensure that Our Constitution is respected and adhered to by all”.

“We remain steadfast in making our case for valid votes only,” the former State Minister said.


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