The Liberty and Justice Party (LJP), a contestant of the March General and Regional Elections, is accusing the incumbent, A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance Change (APNU+AFC), of deliberately delaying the conclusion of the electoral process, and lying to its supporters.

The party contends that the opposition, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) won the elections. However, no declaration has been made.

The Chief Justice (CJ) Roxanne George, today ruled that the recount data stands. These figures show a win for the PPP/C, whereas the 10 declarations made by the Returning Officers (ROs), which have been overtaken by the recount, see the APNU+AFC the victor.

The APNU+ AFC has already indicated that it will appeal the matter, but the LJP says it is a waste of time.

“[T]he LJP sees the approach to the Court of Appeal as a waste of the court’s and country’s time and it is an obstruction of the elections declarations by the PNC that we are hopeful will levy further sanctions on the perpetrators that continue to torture this nation through this process,” the party said.

The LPJ said that the CJ was pellucid that the matters brought before the court were already ruled upon (res Judicata), that the case was ill conceived, that the 10 declarations were thrown out and that the recount numbers must be used to declare the next governing administration.

The ruling by the High Court is reflective of every “still birth argument” presented by the APNU/AFC in trying to convince their supporters, the Guyanese people and the international community that they were victorious at the 2 March 2020 polls, the party said.

It continued: “We call on Mr Granger to stop lying to his supporters, stop torturing this nation, call off his dogs of war and end this charade…The world knows the PPP won. Let’s get on with it!”


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