In light of the fact that the US State Department has imposed visa restrictions on those engaged in denying democracy in Guyana, as well as the announcement by regional, hemispheric and international nations and groups of similar action looming, it is clear that Guyana will find itself not only more isolated than it has ever been, but more isolated than any other country in the world. Making this statement in his recent writings to the media was transparency advocate and Attorney-at-Law, Christopher Ram.

Ram said he does not celebrate the imposition of sanctions but at the same time, he would not accept the theft of an election as well as the position that it is an internal matter. The transparency advocate stressed that the theft of an election in any country can infect and infest all those who come into contact with it. He said it is for this reason alone that he supports sanctions. He stressed, “Bullies, cheats and thieves must realize that evil does not pay.”
As he took the sanctions and the state of affairs in Guyana into consideration, Ram said he remains at a loss that it was only five years ago, President, David Granger sought to portray himself as decent, honest and full of integrity. Ram reminded that it was this very individual who came to power on the model of being an upright individual who’s intolerant of improprieties and committed to values.

“Yet, in five relatively short years the path of his Government is littered with constitutional violations, corruption, cynicism, ethnic preferences, waste and extravagance, arrogance and delusion. Those of us who promoted and supported him find it impossible to recognize the David Granger of five years ago,” the Chartered Accountant stated.

Ram said that the veneer of virtues has been shattered. And with a determination that borders on the irrational, he opined that “Granger seems willing to take Guyana into that black hole.” He also finds it alarming that not a single institutional member of the coalition is decent or brave enough to denounce his actions.

“They are all it seems, under the spell of Joe Harmon, the master of bravado, the untouchable who is above and beyond the law. A lawyer himself, he seems willing to court international notoriety by mocking the threat of sanctions. He clearly is unmindful and uncaring of the consequences of his further acts of recklessness to the country and its people.”

The lawyer said that time will tell whether he is indeed as invincible and untouchable as he thinks he is.


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