The financial impact of strikes industry- wide for sugar workers totaled G$37.9M, the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc.(GuySuCo) said today.

The number of strikes across the three estates for the First Crop was 50; with 27 at Blairmont, 17 at Albion/Port Mourant and six at Uitvlugt Estate, GuySuCo noted. This resulted in 13,868 loss in mandays – 7,555 at Albion, 4,959 at Blairmont and 1,354 at Uitvlugt.

The Corporation reported that $20.1M was recorded for Albion/Port Mourant; $13.6M at Blairmont and $4.2M at Uitvlugt. Total production loss industry-wide as a result of the man-days loss, was 2,307 tonnes of sugar.


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