A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Elections Campaign Manager, Joseph Harmon says that today is a “sad” day for Democracy, Rule of Law, Sovereignty and Independence in Guyana, following the declaration of the March General and Regional Elections results, and the subsequent swearing-in of Opposition Candidate, Irfaan Ali as the ninth President of Guyana.

See his full statement below:

Today is a sad day for Democracy, Rule of Law, Sovereignty and Independence in Guyana. One day after observing the anniversary of emancipation, fraud has triumphed over Justice and truth, and has ensconced itself in the highest office in our land. People are angry, hurt and disappointed and I can empathize with that.

President Granger has on our behalf issued a statement so I issue this statement as the former Election agent of APNU+AFC and in my own right as a Guyanese citizen.

Those 217,920 votes which were allocated at the recount are but a small part of our support base both at home and abroad. I thank them for their support and we will continue to struggle so that all issues receive attention.

The Coalition in opposition will have to do everything to ensure respect for our territorial integrity and oppose through all means possible any attempt to use Guyana’s territory and/or assets as a staging ground to destabilize neighboring states. We will have to demand and work to ensure a proper census of voters to produce an authentic voters list before the next elections.

The president has announced that a petition will be filed shortly which will put in the court, evidence which already exists at the elections commission of the recount.
Including, among other things:

(i) Evidence of dead persons casting votes
(ii) Migrated person voting
(iii) Ballot boxes without statutory documents
(iv) Missing ballots, etc

We will continue to demand justice and equality for Guyanese and a strong voice in how our resources are allocated to both foreign and local entities.
We will continue to demand the Good Life without fear of persecution or prosecution. I wish the new President well.


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