The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) says that it is indeed pleased with the decision of President Dr Irfaan Ali’s decision to re-establish the Ministry of Labour.
“The re-establishment of a full-fledged Labour Ministry, we hold, is a significant win for the nation’s workers whose rights, concerns and well-being were largely sidelined during the stint of the Coalition,” the bloc said.
It continued: “Our Federation, among others, had expressed its strong criticism as it regarded the demotion of the former Ministry to a Department. That demotion coincided with an almost lethargic functioning of the now former Labour Department. We are nevertheless optimistic that a new page has been turned and the Ministry will be revitalized in the interest of our nation’s workers who, in our view, are our nation’s most critical asset.”
The federation said that it looks forward to working with the new Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton in promoting all-round progress and development.


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