“My Government intends to fulfill the pledges in the Manifesto on which we contested the March 2nd general elections,” were the words of President Irfaan Ali during his inauguration speech today in Georgetown.

In the lead up to the March polls, the PPP/C rolled out it’s – what it called “ambitious” – manifesto, that outlined many promises, including the production of more that 50,000 houselots; the removal of over 200 tax measures; and the establishment of an inclusive governance model.

Ali said today that central to fulfilling those pledges will be the collaborative and consultative relationship with the private sector, whose commission was stalwart in insisting on a credible election result, reflecting the will of the people.

“The private sector showed, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that they care about the political and social stability of our country and its prospects for economic prosperity.
My Government will work in partnership with the private sector to make Guyana a centre for economic activity that will radiate throughout this Hemisphere and beyond,” the President said.

He noted that the government has already started to examine, from a fiscal perspective, the extent of support it can give to the private sector to stimulate a resumption of their economic activities, especially putting people back to work who have been dislodged because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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