Considering the fact that some of the challenges facing Guyana and Suriname are quite similar, President Irfaan Ali announced this morning that both CARICOM sisters have agreed to work together to find solutions that will ultimately lead to each other’s success.

To achieve this, President Ali said that a working committee will be established to address critical issues such as local content and joint radar surveillance of borders. Speaking at a press conference held at State House, Ali said, “…We have laid the framework that would enable us to make use of opportunities and define the way in which we approach international financial institutions, the raising of capital, management of natural resources sector, joint engagement on local content policy and the sharing of information on the use of technology…”

The Head of State added, “…These are some of the weighty issues that we would be working out and we are setting up a working committee at the policy level to advance discussions and at the technical level to not only advance discussions but to come up with a time table of action for implementation.”

Further to the foregoing, President Ali said discussions were held with the President of Suriname, Chan Santokhi regarding collaboration in the agriculture and mining and quarrying sectors. He said too that both have settled collaboration among their respective ministries especially as it relates to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, but more importantly, in working out a strategic vision that is implementable and time-bound. “…We both stressed the need to have time-bound objectives,” President Ali expressed.

The Head of State was keen to note that the foregoing issues were part of discussions held within the last 24 hours with the Surinamese President and assured that they are aimed at strengthening relations and opening new opportunities in emerging sectors. Ali said that he is also keen on looking at the infrastructural link that can be improved with Suriname and how the private sector of both countries can play an integral role in supporting that process.

“We recognize that we share similar circumstances at this point in time and it is important that we work together in tackling these challenges while at the same time, confronting the opportunities that both countries can benefit from,” the Head of State expressed.


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