People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Member and Attorney-at- law, James Bond finds it grossly disrespectful that the party’s Chairperson and former Health Minister, Volda Lawrence was not included on the PNCR’s list of proposed Members of Parliament.

As reported, the APNU compiled its list of parliamentarians today, with several top party officials including the Leader David Granger and Basil Williams, being excluded.

Bond took to Facebook earlier this evening, lamenting that it was time to “rescue the PNCR from inept, ineffectual and aloof leadership”.

“This is now a battle for the soul of what it means to be PNC. Enough of the mediocrity! It is time I personally rewrite your legacy sir. #gauntlet #YourMove #FascistLeader,” he posted.

Moments after his post, Bond, via a livestream, said that he too was excluded from the list, even though he personally sent a missive to the party indicating his willingness to be a Member of Parliament.

He said the party needs him more than he needs it, and though he was not included on the list, he will never leave the PNCR. He said that those in the party who wish him to leave, “have another thing coming”.


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