The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) yesterday compiled it’s list of candidates to be representatives in the 12th Parliament. Absent from that list, were key party officials including the Leader and former President, David Granger, Executive Member and former Attorney General Basil Williams, and party Chairperson, Volda Lawrence, among others.

But the party said today that it is giving young people in the party a chance to lead, and to empower a new generation to leaders.

See full statement below:

The PNCR has taken a bold step forward. The composition of the list of candidates extracted to be representatives in the next Parliament is the face of the future and will empower a new generation of leaders.

The PNCR has always advocated that young people are essential to Guyana’s development.

An integral task of leadership is to groom and mould the leaders of the future. In this regard, the PNCR has demonstrated, more than any other political entity in Guyana, that it is prepared to take the bold and decisive initiative to prepare for the future.

Leader of the PNCR, Brigadier David Granger has iterated, on numerous occasions, that young people must be prepared to take up the mantle of leadership.

During an address to the first annual Youth Empowerment Summit in November 2019, former President Granger said “you (young people) will become the muscle and the brains of this nation… you need to be provided with the knowledge and skills needed to transform the nation.” The PNCR has kept, and will continue to keep, its promise to the youth of Guyana.

For the PNCR, public service, not merely parliamentary service, is the priority. The Party has been listening to our members and supporters and is aware of what is happening in the towns and villages all across the country. Providing service to the people is our priority and our new parliamentarians and elected leaders at all levels will be expected to actively serve and represent their various constituencies.

We are rebuilding and strengthening the PNCR. Our Party will be 63 years old this year and remains committed to making Guyana a more socially cohesive nation. The PNCR is convinced that greater national unity and a strong and united party will bring greater national benefits for all the people of Guyana.

The new parliamentarians, along with senior leaders and members of the PNCR will fan-out across the country to rebuild and strengthen the Party in advance of the upcoming local government elections.

The PNCR made a contract with the people of Guyana 63 years ago. We shall continue to fulfill our obligation to the nation both through the legislative process in the National Assembly and in the country at large.

We will continue to work with other parties; trade unions; private sector and civil society to realise our common quest to make Guyana one nation. Our Party is continually renewing itself to give voice to people from every part of this country and every part of our great diaspora, ensuring the ‘good life’ for Guyanese.

Below is a list of our Candidates for Parliament:


Juretha Fernandes

Cathy Hughes

Sherod Duncan

David Patterson

Haimraj Rajkumar

Khemraj Ramjattan

Deonarine Ramsaroop

Devin Sears

Raphael Trotman


Geeta Chandan-Edmond

Dr. Karen Cummings

Annette Ferguson

Nima Flue-Bess

Tabitha Sarabo-Halley

Dawn Hastings-Williams

Dr. Nicolette Henry

Coretta McDonald

Maureen Philadelphia

Natasha Singh-Lewis

Amanza Walton-Desir

Ronald Cox

Jermaine Figuiera

Roysdale Forde

Joseph Harmon

Vincent Henry

Shurwayne Holder

Dineshwar Jaipersaud

Christopher Jones

Vinceroy Jordan

Ganesh Mahipal

Richard Sinclair


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