Opposition Member of Parliament and former Director of Sport, Christopher Jones was today released on $100,000 station bail pending investigations into allegations of theft of State assets levelled against him by the police. Jones was arrested early this morning and taken to the Diamond Police Station after police ranks swooped down on his home at Lot 609 Concilliation Street, Tucville, to conduct a search for the State assets.

Guyana Standard understands that police ranks, who turned up with no warrant to execute the search and seizure, entered Jones’ home despite there being a court order restraining them for entering and searching the man’s property. The order of the court was granted yesterday and remains in force until Wednesday, September 02, 2020. The search was carried out during a power outage in Jones’ area.

Police are alleging that Jones stole $4 million in items from the State, including several barber chairs.

Guyana Standard understands that the search was carried out after an audit was carried out at the Ministry of Social Protection which showed that the said ministry approved $4.9 million under the Region 4 administration for the procurement of equipment for a barber shop under the Sustainable Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED) programme. The monies were all spent by December last year, however $1M in items were not delivered and the project was not executed.

Police Headquarters in a statement today said that items fitting the description of the State assets were recovered from Jones’ residence.


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