The Working Peoples Alliance (WPA) has given an ultimatum to the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU); threatening to pull out of the alliance if its demands are not met in two months.

The WPA said that since the formation of the APNU and particularly since the rise to office in 2015 of the APNU+AFC Coalition, there have been several violations of the principles governing coalition politics. These violations have threatened to dismantle the APNU. Most noteworthy has been how important decisions are arrived at.

“WPA has had cause on several occasions, both internally and publicly, to draw attention to the practice of non-consultation within the APNU. It cannot be denied that the behaviour of the PNCR leadership in this regard has left a lot to be desired,” the party noted.

It further states that decisions affecting the APNU have been made and continue to be made in the name of the constituent parties without consultations.

“In other words, we have had to live with PNC’s decisions being imposed on the rest of the APNU. Unfortunately, although the Coalition is now out of power, nothing has changed for the better within the APNU. Throughout the life of the APNU, WPA, to its detriment, has done everything within its powers to ensure the survival and success of the APNU and by extension, the coalition,” the WPA said.

The party is insisting that it is “accorded the right” to determine who its representative on the APNU list to the National Assembly should be.

“Second, we ask that this principle be enshrined in the APNU Charter.Third, we insist that the recommendations of the Corbin Report be implemented. Should the second and third conditions be met within the next two months, the WPA would revisit its decision to leave,” the WPA noted.


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