(Department of Public Information) The Ministry of Housing and Water received 20 street lights from the GAICO Construction and General Services Incorporated and La Rose Electrical Supplies and Construction in efforts to reduce crime and improve the livelihood of the Lust-En-Rust community.

An electrical worker installing a street light

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, GAICO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Komal Singh and Proprietor of La Rose Electrical Supplies and Construction, Quacy La Rose were in attendance during the handover.

Singh expressed his satisfaction to have been allowed to assist the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) in providing some immediate relief to the Lust-En-Rust residents.

“Over the last two days, we had a grader and roller working in the village to smoothen the roads for vehicles to move through easily. Additionally, we donated twenty street lights through the Central Housing and Planning Authority to the community,” the CEO explained.

According to Singh, CHPA identified the most vulnerable areas to which the company is lending a helping hand. He further indicated that GAICO is eager to collaborate with the PPP/C Government to provide relief to the Lust-En-Rust community.

Managing Director of La Rose Electrical Supplies and Construction, Quacy La Rose, noted that his company is responsible for the installation of the street lights donated by GAICO. La Rose Electrical also offered assistance to the village by donating upgraded LED lights and ten additional street lights.

“Due to the amount of vandalism and theft in the area, we are going to customise the lights with the slogan CHPA in a reflective way to increase the security efforts in the area,” La Rose explained.

Minister Rodrigues relayed that the 30 street lights will be installed throughout the community to improve the impact of the donation, and essentially, the livelihood of the residents.

“Following my visit to the area last week, GAICO and La Rose Electrical Supplies and Construction reached out to offer assistance. Through our public-private partnership, we identified the roads that were in deplorable condition. I want to thank both companies for their commitment and assure the residents that these lights will be installed immediately to reduce crime in the area,” Minister Rodrigues posited.


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