The coalition, A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) will be filing two elections petitions to challenge the declaration of the March General and Regional Elections.

According to former Natural Resources Minister, and AFC Executive Member, Raphael Trotman, multiple petitions are warranted given the complexity and success rate of such applications.

“Why two petitions? It’s not the first time that multiple petitions are being filed following an election. And with good reason: should one fail, there’s another to stand up…Because the law with respect to petitions is very strict…And many petitions in fact, have failed. I believe there has only been one successful petition. So, with good reason, it is important to have multiple petitions, so if there is defect in one, that defect will not be found in the other. So, there is no mystery or mischief,” he said.

Trotman noted that the petition will be based on the allegations that were made during the recount process. These include claims of migrant voters, names of persons believed to be dead still listed as voted, missing pollbooks, and the validity of the Recount Order.

“These are all matters that will form part of the petition, but I would invite you and urge you to await the filing and the evidence to come,” he told media operatives during a virtual press conference.

Asked in whose name will the petitions be filed in, Trotman said that there is great interest from both local and overseas coalition supporters, but that decision will be up to the lawyers.

“I don’t have their names with me right now, but as I’ve said: large numbers of persons have come forward asking if they can be made petitioners or asking advice on how they, themselves, can file a petition,” Trotman said.
According to reports, the coalition will be filing those petitions next week in the High Court.


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