One week after they allegedly murdered 23-year-old Nicholas Ramkission Jaipaul – a Canadian National, three men were arraigned today.

Monasar Beharry, also known as “Brickhead,” Aszim Shivgobin called “Blackie,” and Charran Sheehan called “Vickey” were arraigned before Magistrate Alex Moore in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and were jointly charged for the capital offence of murder.

The trio was not required to plea to the charge, which alleged that between August 12 to August 16, 2020, at Moleson Creek, they murdered Jaipaul. They were all remanded to prison until October 15.

The court heard that the charred remains of the 23-year-old were found at Moleson Creek, about 55 miles from New Amsterdam in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) on Thursday last.

Jaipaul went missing from the Number 69 Village, Corentyne home of his grandfather, where he was staying since arriving in Guyana.
His grandfather, after whom he was named, received a phone call on Monday, stating that his grandson was kidnapped. He contacted Police who went to his home. Police said that there was no forced entry, but family members insisted that he was abducted.

However, following initial investigations, Police arrested the two maids who worked for Jaipaul’s grandfather and the son of one of the maids who later admitted to Police that the young man was murdered as revenge against his grandfather, who has an ongoing court matter with “Brickhead,” a rice farmer who cultivates land he rents from the senior Jaipaul.

It was reported that after Police interrogated the maid’s son, he told them that he was hired to carry out the act. He subsequently led them to Moleson Creek, where the charred remains were discovered in an open spot behind the thick overgrowth lining the lonely roadway.


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